Bernard Hoggins

Player: QuantumLegacy
Name: Bernard Hoggins
Gender: Male
Age: 32

Physical Appearance: Bernard stands somewhere around five feet and seven inches tall. He died his hair, reddish orange, making the tips yellow-red. He usually wears a medium navy-blue shirt which is slightly big for him. Tattered blue jeans and his really old sneakers.

History: Bernard is a hardworking citizen having begun working at 14. He’s worked many in many warehouses, and factories in his early years doing odd jobs in his free time. He’d had to grow up quick, working to help support his mother and his little brother when his dad died. Dropping out of school as soon as he hit sixteen so that he could focus on working. When he was twenty years old, his mother died of cancer and he was left with his younger brother John, who was fifteen.

With John off at college Bernard had since left the house to sit, with a sum of money in the bank to pay for taxes until John came back. Having worked his entire life he’d acquired a small fortune. Most of which he left in the account to pay for the house. Taking a small amount for himself he left for Newport to watch the La Bella Luna Concert that was going to be there that year. Doing something, that was completely out of the normal grind that he had kept for almost eighteen years.

Bernard Hoggins

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